Nylon Sewing Machine Threads.

Product Code Product Image Item Name Price
TH42R Thread M60 Nylon Bonded

Thread M60 Nylon Bonded

M60 Nylon Bonded 5000m Spools Coats Barbour Brand Can be used on Domestic Sewing Machines

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TH05R Thread M40 Nylon Bonded

Thread M40 Nylon Bonded

Strong Thread can be used on a good Domestic Sewing Machine. Coats / Barbour Brand 3000m Spools. Wide Range of Colours.

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TH38R Thread M20 Nylon Bonded

Thread M20 Nylon Bonded

M20 Nylon Bonded Thread Coats/Barbour Brand 1500m Spool Various Colours

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