Dyes & Finishes

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3443-99 Wool Daubers Small (Pkt 10)

Wool Daubers Small (Pkt 10)

12mm Diameter x 125mm Handle. Perfect for small Projects or Edging


3445-99 Wool Daubers Mediuml (Pkt 10)

Wool Daubers Mediuml (Pkt 10)

20mm Diameter x 125mm Handle. Perfect for small Projects or Edging


43081-00 Wool Daubers Jumbo (Pkt 10)

Wool Daubers Jumbo (Pkt 10)

38mm Diameter x 125mm Handle. Used for Applying Dyes or Stains to large areas.


JS1R Stripper for Leather

Stripper for Leather

Used to clean and prepare leather before dyeing or changing colour. Available in 50ml or 1 litre containers.

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ANPR Acylic Leather Paint

Acylic Leather Paint

Angelus Brand Leather Paint. 29.5ml Bottle. Huge range of Colours.

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GRP-HS Hi Shine Sealer

Hi Shine Sealer

Waproo Hi shine Sealer. A transparent High Shine Sealant that Locks in colour after Dyeing. Available in 50ml & 500ml

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JSDR Suede Dye (50ml)

Suede Dye (50ml)

Waproo Suede Dye 50 ml Available in Black, Brown, Dark Brown & Navy

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JWL1R Waproo Leather Dye (50ml)

Waproo Leather Dye (50ml)

Spirit based Dye Available in 4 Colours

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JR1R Raven Oil Dye 50ml

Raven Oil Dye 50ml

50ml Raven Oil Dye Oil based Dye Available in many Colours

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ANLR Dye Angelus 88ml

Dye Angelus 88ml

Angelus spirit based leather dye in a huge range of colours.  88ml with dauber to apply. Go to the Angelus website to see colour chart...

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