Product Code Product Image Item Name Price
BPFR PlasticBuckle Lockable 25mm

PlasticBuckle Lockable 25mm

Locable Buckle to suit 25mm Webbing. Ideal for Spa Covers, Panniers etc


FBBR Bungee Loop Buttons

Bungee Loop Buttons

Used on Utes or other solid surfaces as an attachment for Bungee Hooks or for Shockcord.


FLH1R Lashing Hook Plastic

Lashing Hook Plastic

Used on Utes or other solid surfaces as an attachment for Bungy Hooks or for Shockcord. Size Approx 40mm x 25mm


GRP-PLD Plastic Dees

Plastic Dees

Available in a range of sizes.

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CF1R Plastic Bag Feet Large

Plastic Bag Feet Large

LargeáPlastic Bag Feet or Bases. 25mm Wide X 18mm High Has a Hole through the Middle to Attach with a Rivet, Screw etc. Black Only


BP24R Plastic Steplocks 25mm

Plastic Steplocks 25mm

Multi barred slide adjuster with tab.

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BPSR Plastic Snaps 25mm

Plastic Snaps 25mm

Lightweight swivel snap hook used when metal products may be too heavy or will scratch surfaces.


BPTR Cord End Plastic

Cord End Plastic

Plastic Cord End Available in 3 finishes

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BPCR Plastic Round Cord Locks

Plastic Round Cord Locks

Round Plastic Cord Locks To Suit 3mm Cord or Leather


BPC1R Plastic Oval Cord Locks

Plastic Oval Cord Locks

Plastic Oval Cordlocks for 3mm Cord