Stamping Tools

Craftools, Alphabet Sets and 3-D Stamps

3D Stamps have their own Sub Section

Product Code Product Image Item Name Price
8171-00 Basic 10 Tool Set

Basic 10 Tool Set

Basic 10 Tool Set Good starter Kit consisting of  a Swivel Knife, Mini Screwdriver, Stylus and 8 Craftools.


88501-00 Mini 3D Stamp Set 2

Mini 3D Stamp Set 2

15mm Stamp Set Consisting 12 Stamps, Eagle Head, Puma Head, Horse Head, Unicorn Head, Deer, Peaguses, Butterfly and various Trees


8137-10 Alphabet & Number Set 3mm

Alphabet & Number Set 3mm

Alphabet  & Number Set 3mm. Plain font.


8134-00 Alphabet & Number Set 6mm

Alphabet & Number Set 6mm



8136-00 Number Stamping Set 13mm

Number Stamping Set 13mm

Same Design as GPR-AS Alphabet Set.


8135-00 Number Stamping Set 19mm

Number Stamping Set 19mm

Same Design as GPR-AS Alphabet Set.


GRP-AS Alphabet Sets

Alphabet Sets

Comes in 13mm & 20mm in this design. Letters A-Z and a Stamp handle

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3301-04 Mallett Poly 14oz

Mallett Poly 14oz

Poly Head Mallet. Medium weight, Ideal for Embossing, Stamping and all Setting Tools


8151-00 Stamp Set Zodiac 12mm

Stamp Set Zodiac 12mm

Signs of the Zodiac 12mm Stamp Set


8150-00 Stamp Set Zodiac 25mm

Stamp Set Zodiac 25mm

Signs of the Zodiac 25mmStamp Set