Sewing Tools

Product Code Product Image Item Name Price
8074-00 Stitch Groover

Stitch Groover

By dragging  the tool it makes a groove that allows stitching to sit flush.


3217-00 Awl Scratch

Awl Scratch

Used to mark patterns.


8069-00 Stitch Groover Saddlers

Stitch Groover Saddlers

Grooves a wider chanel than (8074-00 Groover) so that heavy threads can sit flush with the leather.


8091-00 Stitch Marker 4 in 1

Stitch Marker 4 in 1

Comes with 4 wheels that mark holes for stitching in sizes 5, 6, and 7 to the inch. Overstitch Wheel.

Min: 0
3944-00 Sewing Palm Right Handed

Sewing Palm Right Handed

Osborne brand. Used on the palm of your hand for pushing Needles through thick or tough substances.  


SPEAR Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl

Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl



3208-00 Haft Awl Pro

Haft Awl Pro

Handle to hold awl blades


TAFR Awl Haft Osborne

Awl Haft Osborne

Awl Haft, made in USA by Osborne.  Top quality with spanner for tightening chuck.


GRP-AW Diamond Awl Blades

Diamond Awl Blades

Awl blade used for making holes in leather for hand sewing. Made in England by John James, top quality. To be used with Awl Haft Handle 3208-00....

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GRP-AWS Stabbing Awl Blade

Stabbing Awl Blade


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