Cutting Tools

Knives, Blades, Edges, Scissors and Shears for cutting all types of items.

Product Code Product Image Item Name Price
TSGR Scissors Green Handle

Scissors Green Handle

Good all purpose Scissor 170mm long.


TK5R Art Craft Lite Knife

Art Craft Lite Knife

Craft Knife with fine Blade. Replacement blades TK8R

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TK8R Blades for Craft Knife (Pkt 5)

Blades for Craft Knife (Pkt 5)

Blades to suit TK5R Craft Art Knife


3080-00 Strap Cutter

Strap Cutter

Wooden Strap Cutter. Cuts Straps up to 100mm wide. Does a similar job as a Plough Gauge at a fraction of the cost.


1599 Strap Cutter Blades (Pkt 5)

Strap Cutter Blades (Pkt 5)

Blades to Suit Strap Cutter item 3080-00


TSSSR Scissors Mundial Serra Sharp 210mm

Scissors Mundial Serra Sharp 210mm

Top quality Dressmakers Scissors. Also cuts Canvas, Leather upto 2mm with ease.

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TKRR Rectractable Knife Auto Load

Rectractable Knife Auto Load

Heavy Duty Sterling Brand Knife Has 5 Blades in Handle which Auto Load when used blade is removed. Replacement Blades TKRBR


TKRBR Retractable Knife Blade (Pkt 10)

Retractable Knife Blade (Pkt 10)

Replacement Blades for Many tools.  eg Retractable Knives, Table Top Lace cutter. Sterling brand made in England


TKHR Hooked Blade (Pkt 10)

Hooked Blade (Pkt 10)

Hook Blade for Retractable Knife Packet of 10 Sterling brand made in England


3001-00 Safety Beveller

Safety Beveller

Skives leather smoothly and easily. Replacement blades available (item number TK9R)