Strap Making

Tools used in making Belts and Straps.

Product Code Product Image Item Name Price
3080-00 Strap Cutter

Strap Cutter

Wooden Strap Cutter. Cuts Straps up to 100mm wide. Does a similar job as a Plough Gauge at a fraction of the cost.


1599 Strap Cutter Blades (Pkt 5)

Strap Cutter Blades (Pkt 5)

Blades to Suit Strap Cutter item 3080-00


GRP-EB Edge Bevellers

Edge Bevellers

Used for Rounding the edges of Straps & Belts. Comes in 3 Cutting Sizes

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8116-00 Bone Folder Plastic

Bone Folder Plastic

Burnishing Tool. Made of Nylon. Removable head.


8072-00 Adjustable Edge Creaser

Adjustable Edge Creaser

Puts a Crease Line down the edges of Straps for Decoration 


3001-00 Safety Beveller

Safety Beveller

Skives leather smoothly and easily. Replacement blades available (item number TK9R)  


8122-00 Edge Slicker

Edge Slicker

Rubbed along the edge of leather to create a professional edge.


3198-01 Strap End Punches

Strap End Punches

Punch that cuts a neat V in the end of straps. Used for belts, dogs collars, blind straps etc. Available in five sizes.

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3120-01 Oblong Punches

Oblong Punches

Punch for cutting oblong holes to take tongues of buckles. Available in four sizes.

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3301-04 Mallett Poly 14oz

Mallett Poly 14oz

Poly Head Mallet. Medium weight, Ideal for Embossing, Stamping and all Setting Tools