Punches for Cutting holes in differant sizes  and shapes.

Product Code Product Image Item Name Price
TP01R Revolving Punch Maun

Revolving Punch Maun



TP42R Revolving Punch Boker

Revolving Punch Boker

German made Revolving Punch Replacement Tubes and Anvil available.


TP26R Rotary Punch Dual Action (German)

Rotary Punch Dual Action (German)



TP43R Punch Tubes To Suit German Punches

Punch Tubes To Suit German Punches

Punch Tubes to suit German Dual Action Rotary Punch & Boker Rotary Punch Sizes 2mm - 4.5mm

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3798 Punch Tubes

Punch Tubes

Punch Tubes to suit Dual Action Rotary Punch 3260-00 & Mini Punch 3003-00. Sizes 1.5mm - 5mm

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TP40R Boker Wad Punch

Boker Wad Punch

Top quality German Forged Steel Round Wad Punch. Stocked sizes 3mm - 38mm Other sizes available, price on application.

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3777 Punch Round 1.5mm - 6mm

Punch Round 1.5mm - 6mm

Economical Round drive punch. Sizes  1.5mm - 6mm

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3003-00 Mini Punch Set

Mini Punch Set

6 Changeable tubes 2mm - 5mm


3004-00 Maxi Punch Set

Maxi Punch Set

6 Changeable tubes 5mm-8mm


3003-04 Mini Shape Punch Set

Mini Shape Punch Set

4mm Mini Punch Set Handle & 6 Punches. Consisting of Heart, Diamond, Crescent, Star, Club, Triangle