Brass Buckles

Product Code Product Image Item Name Price
SBM1R Buckle 20mm Brass Hobble

Buckle 20mm Brass Hobble

20mm Brass Hobble Buckle


SBR2R Buckle 25mm Brass Hobble

Buckle 25mm Brass Hobble

25mm Brass Hobble Buckle


SB56-SB59A Brass Vic Roller Buckle

Brass Vic Roller Buckle

BrassVic Roller Bridle Buckle Available 12mm - 32mm

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SBW12 - SBW38 Buckle West End Brass

Buckle West End Brass

Solid Brass West End Buckles Sizes 12mm -32mm.  Normally have 38mm but out of stock

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SBHR1-SBHR6 Brass Roller Harness Buckle

Brass Roller Harness Buckle

Solid Brass Roller Harness Buckle with Stainless Steel Tongue 12mm - 32mm

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SBG25 - SBG50 Buckle Gear Buckle Solid Brass

Buckle Gear Buckle Solid Brass

Solid Brass Gear or Dog Collar Buckle. Available  25mm,  32mm, 38mm, 45mm & 50mm.    

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GRP-HOR Horseshoe Buckles Brass

Horseshoe Buckles Brass

Solid Brass Horseshoe shaped Buckles Suits Straps 13mm - 25mm

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SBH01-SBH06 Buckle Brass Swage (Headcollar)

Buckle Brass Swage (Headcollar)

Brass Headcollar Buckles. Sizes 10mm - 25mm

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SBH17-SBH22 Buckle Brass Swage Economy (Headcollar)

Buckle Brass Swage Economy (Headcollar)

Solid Brass Headcollar Buckles. Economy type a bit chunkier and not as highly polished as the regular swage buckles Sizes 12mm - 38mm. .

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