Kersey & Linings

Different coloured Kerseys, Collarcheck and Linings for Horse Rugs.

Product Code Product Image Item Name Price
CAPSR Polyester Satin (Metre)

Polyester Satin (Metre)

Used on Horse Rugs. 100% Polyester 155cm Wide. Available in  Green. Currently out of stock of blue.

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RLK3R Collarcheck (Metre)

Collarcheck (Metre)

Traditional Collarcheck 80% Wool  for warmth, 20% Polyester for wear  Rug lining 183cm Wide.


RLKNR Kersey Lining (Metre)

Kersey Lining (Metre)

Kersey Lining made up of 80% Wool for warmth & 20% Polyester for wear. Kersey Wool available in many Colours. Rug Lining 183cm Wide.

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