Glues that will bond Leather

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GRP - AGP Glue Pot with Brush

Glue Pot with Brush

Glue Pot with Brush. Comes in 2 sizes .4 Litre & .9 Litre

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ADCBR Contact Bond Bostik 50ml

Contact Bond Bostik 50ml

Contact Bond Adhesive 50ml


AD10R-AD13R Leathercraft Cement Fiebings

Leathercraft Cement Fiebings

Fiebings Leather Craft Cement 118 ml & 946 ml flexible non- flammable adhesive used for bonding leather, cloth, paper etc.

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2655-01 Leather Weld 4oz

Leather Weld 4oz

Tandy Glue suitable for Leather, Cloth and Wood.


AD01R Adhesive Duall 500ML

Adhesive Duall 500ML

Duall Adhesive is a Contact Adhesive of high indfustrial strength that dries clear. 500ml Can


GSGR Shoe Goo

Shoe Goo

Shoegoo fixes practically any Shoe. Stronger than Glue with a permanent repair. Can be used on Leather, Rubber, Vinyl & Canvas. 110ml available...

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