Glues that will bond Leather

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GRP - AGP Glue Pot with Brush

Glue Pot with Brush

Glue Pot with Brush. Comes in 2 sizes .4 Litre & .9 Litre

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AD10R-AD13R Leathercraft Cement Fiebings

Leathercraft Cement Fiebings

Fiebings Leather Craft Cement 118 ml & 946 ml flexible non- flammable adhesive used for bonding leather, cloth, paper etc.

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2655-01 Leather Weld 4oz

Leather Weld 4oz

Tandy Glue suitable for Leather, Cloth and Wood.


ADCBR Contact bond Bostik 50ml

Contact bond Bostik 50ml

Bostik Contact Bond Adhesive 50ml. Industial Contact Adhesive ideal for Leather, Rubber, Wood, Metal and Laminates


AD01R Adhesive Duall 500ML

Adhesive Duall 500ML

Duall Adhesive is a Contact Adhesive of high indfustrial strength that dries clear. 500ml Can


GSGR Shoe Goo

Shoe Goo

Shoegoo fixes practically any Shoe. Stronger than Glue with a permanent repair. Can be used on Leather, Rubber, Vinyl & Canvas. 110ml available...

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